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Literature and Documents

Listed below are the sales brochures and technical documents for Energy Control's cellulose insulation.  Energy Control exceeds all federal specifications and regulations for cellulose insulation performance and safety and uses R and D Services, the premier third-party testing facility for cellulose to ensure product compliance.


Low Dust Attic

Forest Wool
Wall Spray 

Coverage Charts

ECI 3 Stabilized

Energy Control Coverage Charts estimate the number of bags needed to complete a job.  Please be sure you are using the correct chart for the product you have purchased.

Energy Control Cellulose

Attic Cards

Attic cards can be filled out and stapled to the rafter near the attic access stating date of installation and work done by the insulation contractor.

Energy Control Cellulose

ECI II Attic Card

Forest Wool Attic Card

EC3 Stabilized Attic Card

ECI II Literature

Energy Control II low dust cellulose is the perfect product for all your dry application needs.  Attic, cathedral ceiling, net and blow, dense-packing and all other dry applications.  Low dust, high coverage, extreme R-value - the professional insulator's choice.

Energy Control ECI II Cellulose
Energy Control Forest Wool Cellulose

Forest Wool Literature

Forest Wool cellulose is specially formulated for the wall spray application, although it may be used in any application, especially where high humidity or moisture may be present.  With it's 100% borate formula, it is the premium cellulose for the professional installer.

Energy Control Tri-Fold Cellulose Brochure

Energy Control Sales Tri Fold

This tri-fold brochure spells out the finer points of Energy Control's superior cellulose insulation to your customers.  With a place on the front panel for your company name to be stamped, you can use this on your sales calls to help convince homeowners to go with your team on their project.

Energy Control Full Performance Warranty

Standing behind the promise of safety and performance Energy Control provides their professional installers with our Full Performance Warranty to be delivered to homeowners for the materials installed on site.  See your professional Energy Control installer for details.

Energy Control Cellulose Full Performance Warranty

Energy Control Tax Credit Certificates

Insulating with Energy Control cellulose insulation can earn your household some major tax breaks.  While the amounts and specifics change each year (check with your tax specialist for all the current details) you will need the two certificates shown here to be submitted with your tax return to claim these credits.  Just one more way Energy Control Cellulose saves you money!

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