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Momper Attic Full Spray RGB_edited

Our high R-value and low dust material create a clean environment when you are insulating attics.

insulweb sidewall picl

Hanging Insul-Web provides an alternative to wall spray where the builder can still see the material in place, but no water is added to the job site.

Wall Spray Completely Filling a Wall Cavity

Using moisture, the wall spray application drives our Forest Wool cellulose into every nook and cranny of the wall cavity to provide superior air infiltration performance, sealing the cavity.

Wall Spray Finished Product_edited

When complete, a wall spray application of our Forest Wool cellulose will reduce air infiltration and your home's fuel consumption.

A Clean Smooth Attic

When the dust is kept to minimum, your crews will leave behind a smooth clean attic for your builders and homeowner. Energy Control uses only the highest quality raw stock to create the product your crew will want to install.

The Finished Net and Blow Wall

When finished, net and blow allows the builder and homeowner to see that you've perfectly insulated their home.

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