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Going Green with Energy Control Cellulose

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There's no debate when it comes to "green" insulation, cellulose is the superior choice. Our products are manufactured from 100% postconsumer recycled fibers. We reduce the largest single component of the residential waste stream, by mining from scrap paper the valuable all natural cellulose fibers. Cellulose insulation also requires much less energy to produce than mineral fibers such as rock wool, fiberglass and even foam, so our carbon footprint is the smallest in the industry. 

And of course, when you insulate with Energy Control cellulose, you reduce your need to deplete our country's natural resources. Products like Energy Control's cellulose insulation were touted as the "green choice" and "confidence picks" in publications such as Environmental Building Newspaper, Chicago Home Improvement Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle. As they said in Money Magazine, "Pass on the pink stuff when you pick insulation." 
Indeed! Choose the green!

  • A naturally recycled product

  • Responsible resource use

  • Low embodied energy

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